Mexico 2018 – Day 6

Everyone woke up this morning super excited! The house is mostly finished and today we are finishing up the little details to make sure the house is as perfect as it can be! There are times it seems we have painted the same board 12 times between the initial paint and trying to cover the nail holes and touching them up. But today is the day! Today is the day we hand over the keys!

We started with chapel in the morning as normal and then had a good breakfast and set out for the worksite. We started painting the living room, putting together the bunk beds and all the furniture we bought for them.

After a momentary lapse for forgetting the stove back at YUGO and a very quick trip to get the stove we set the house perfectly for the family. New beds, new stove, new couch, new toys, new baby pack and play, and lots of food and linens! We locked the door and waited for the family to arrive.

When the family arrived we circled up and passed the keys throughout the entire group as we each talked about what this week has meant to us. We handed the keys to the family and they expressed how thankful they are for all we’ve done for them. There wasn’t a dry eye in the group.

They walked into their new home to see everything and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time. We went in and prayed over them in their new home. They had prepared a delicious lunch of fish tacos and then we left to let them settle in and enjoy their new home. We went back to YUGO feeling great about what we had accomplished.

Some of us stayed and rested from such a long week while others went to relax at the beach and get churros! We came back together for dinner and worship back at YUGO.

We have had such a great time together this week! Tonight in debriefing we talked a lot about what we had seen, experienced, and what we’ve learned. We have grown a lot closer as a group and we cannot wait to share with you all in person what we’ve seen and experienced!

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