Mexico 2018 – Day 5

This morning I (Will) woke up feeling quite tired. As did many in the group. We’ve had two long days, but we are over half way there! We had a good chapel, breakfast, and packed our bags and headed to the work site. Today was a day of finishing up the mudding and texturing the walls to get ready to paint. The two bedrooms were finished yesterday so today we painted! Can’t even believe it! Three days into this project and we are painting bedrooms! Crazy!

We had lunch and kept working doing as much as we can! We finished the trip on the outside of the house and got everything inside ready to paint! What’s left? Putting together furniture for the house! This is going to be great!

We left the worksite to get geared up for one of the greatest events I’ve heard coming on this trip; Poblanos Tacos! For dinner tonight we drove down the street to get some amazing tacos!! Once we ate our fill, we piled into the van and headed to church. We visited the church our family attends. The pastor from this church has been helping us as much as he can this week on the worksite. We drove up a twisty road on the side of a mountain until we got to a part of the top of it. We went inside and worshipped together with brothers and sisters in Christ.

It was great! They had an amazing praise team including a ten year old boy playing the drum set, the pastor on electric guitar and singing, two other vocalists, a bass guitar and keyboard player! They rocked it! We knew a couple of the songs by the tune and sang along to the best of our ability.

I was given the honor of preaching and encouraging the church. Through a translator, I did my best to preach a sermon that would encourage them. I talked about using the talents and gifts God has given them for God’s glory. How we should work together as the body of Christ. It was truly an honor to speak!

We headed back to campus where we debriefed as a group and headed to bed. It has been an incredible day! But I hear that tomorrow is what will truly be an even better experience! I can’t wait!

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