Mexico 2018 – Day 4

Today was drywall day! After morning chapel and huevos and chilaquiles for breakfast, we headed out for day 2 of hard work! We spent most of the morning hanging drywall, lots and lots of drywall. Some of the crew was painting trim and others were starting on the roof. By then end of our day today, the house was really beginning to look like a home. We have the walls and drywall up for all the rooms and the ceilings. We have even started putting a bit of tarp paper on the roof! Towards the end of the day, we began mudding the walls . With the help of some of the littlest members of the family, we made quite a mess!!! So much fun to be had!

As we pulled away today, we were excited to look back and truly see a house! On our way home, we stopped at a local Amish bakery and picked up some delicious and cheap baked goods. Of course, we also made a stop at Poblanos for tacos!

We headed back to Yugo for much needed showers and Milanessa for dinner. After dinner, we spent some time debriefing and reflecting on the changes God was calling us towards. At chapel tonight we got to hear from Nathan Alpert, the leader of the Yugo ministries team as he preached on Acts 2. He challenged us to be like the early believers by becoming four things: givers, gatherers, good neighbors and go-ers. His message was a great reminder of the power of believers coming together to truly be the good news.

After chapel tonight, we had a fun adventure planned. We headed to a nearby Walmart to pick up some goodies for the final reveal Thursday night. The team was so excited to stock the house and love on the family with everything from cooking tools to a pack-n-play, a couch, diapers and dolls. What a fun evening it will be on Thursday. After another day of hard work, we are ready to hit the sack!

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