Mexico 2018- Day 3

Can you say exhausted? That’s about how we are all feeling tonight after a whole lot of work and a whole lot of sun!

We woke up bright and early after what was, for many of us, the first night in a real bed! It was great to get adapted to our new schedule and time zone with a good night’s rest at our destination! After a delicious breakfast of omelets and oatmeal, we worshiped together before loading up the vans to our worksite!

After a few detours and wrong turns, we arrived at the land we are building on!

What a wonderful first day at the worksite we had! It was so special to see our family and the genuine gratitude they expressed all day! We were hard at work form moment one, unloading the work vans and receiving instructions from our expert foreman Hernan. Hernan has been with YUGO over ten years and is a pro at leading inexperienced teams to build excellent homes!

Our team was split into three groups: cutting, framing, and painting. Throughout the day, we each got a hand in most of the building process. Hernan has a special way of pausing long enough to teach you a skill and giving you an opportunity to try something new. He’s a great leader and teacher.

We were constantly amazed by the generosity and hospitality of our host family. Though they’ve been living in a shed with no running water or electricity, they spent all day serving us cold drinks, watermelon and a local frozen treat! When they weren’t serving us goodies, they were hard at work right alongside us! It is such a joy to be serving a group of people who are so very grateful. Their 9 year old daughter gathered neighbors and friends to help paint and share in her excitement over their brand new “casa!”

Speaking of hard work, our team members did a lot of it today! Watching 15 people operate with minimal complaining and maximum effort was a real testament to the love of Jesus. By lunchtime, the interior and exterior walls were framed and up and most of the siding was painted. We spent the afternoon putting up rafters and roof supports and attaching siding and painting trim. It is amazing how much of the home was done when we left today!

We returned back to Yugo’s campus covered in sawdust and ready to shower! By the time we got cleaned up, it was time for dinner. The Yugo staff make some mean fajitas!

We wrapped up our day with a wonderful time of debriefing where we celebrated and shared together as a team. It is exciting to see our team bonding and being vulnerable together! After this evening’s worship service, we went on a taco run to the local taco stand and most of us called it a night pretty early. Seems like hard work will do that to you! We’re excited for tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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