MCC COVID-19 Update

A lot has changed in our community, state, and nation over the course of the last few weeks with a growing concern of COVID-19. Due to recent developments and taking precautions, Mechanicsville Church of Christ is making some changes to our events and services. We want to wait as long as we can to make decisions to have as much information as we can to make an informed decision, while also giving enough heads up that no one has to wonder what’s happening. We are going to do our best to make decisions about events and Sunday worship by Wednesday prior. 

Here is our update for this week and our plan for this weekend. 

  1. The official and organized MCC cleanup day Saturday is canceled. We have a list of the things we were going to clean and take care of. If you have time as a family or would like to come and volunteer a couple hours at a time convenient to you, that would be a huge help! This will help limit a crowd while also giving you and your family something to do if you’re tired of being in the house. Please call the main office at 804-746-5765 and talk with Charlotte about what needs to be done and how you can help. 
  2. Worship this Sunday will be live stream only! We will have our public Facebook page and website streaming the service and encourage you to tune in and join us for worship. We have prepackaged communion here at the office. If you’d like to stop by to have some for Sunday, please feel free to do so. At the end of the day, we encourage you to participate in communion however you can. If you have bread, bun, chip, or something you can break off a piece of to remember the body of Christ and grape juice, wine, orange juice, or something else to represent the blood of Christ and the new covenant, that will do fine! It’s about what it represents and what you’re thinking about more than the specific elements you are using for communion. 
  3. Life groups are such a crucial part of what we do here at MCC. Most of our groups are more than 10. We’d like to encourage you to either get together with another family or two in order to still open up God’s word together. Please do your best to observe the 10 person limit if you meet in person. Consider using technology to still meet together and study God’s word if you’d rather not go out. If you need help with technology or finding a group to be a part of, please email and we will help however we can. 
  4. The Easter Eggstravaganza for next week has been canceled. 
  5. We are waiting to make any decisions about the Egg Hunt and the Family Picnic till closer to the event. 
  6. Please be generous. We have had people in the building this whole week making needed repairs and we are still going about business as much as we can here in the offices. Our ministries we support are working extra to serve our community. Please continue to be generous with us as we continue to serve. Please visit our website at to give online.
  7. Also be generous with your neighbors and others in the community. Many are being laid off or may be during the duration of this pandemic. I know you are all generous, we’ve seen it time after time here at MCC. Please continue in your generosity during the uncertainty surrounding us. There are many great organizations in the area doing great things. Or maybe you have a neighbor who could use help getting groceries, or a neighbor who has been laid off due to this pandemic and you can help cover their electric bill for a month. (We are working towards a collaborative group within Hanover to put together a website for people to ask for help and offer help. Stay tuned!) 

I’d like to also like to remind you of the God we serve. There is a big difference between living cautiously, following the guidelines the government has set, and living in fear. We have been given a spirit of strength and boldness by the Spirit of God living inside of us. We trust and put our faith in the greatness of our God. This is an incredible moment in our world for others to see our faith in God and how much we love people. 

God Bless,

Mechanicsville Church of Christ