Almost There!

Here we are! One day before we leave and I’m ready to go! I got my bags (mostly) packed, (most) ducks in a row, and (mostly) ready. Needless to say by all the “mosts”, there’s still a bit to do!! But I’m excited! I’ve been praying for this trip for months now! Our staff has been praying for this trip for months now! Countless others have been praying for this trip for months now! I am confident God will be going with us and lives will be changed!

We had our first team meeting back in May and the first thing I asked of them was to ask 10 people to be praying for them as they prepare and go on this trip. We believe deeply in the power of prayer! There are so many things outside our control and sphere of influence that we must rely on the only one who has all things under His control!

That being said… Thank you so much for your prayers! We ask that you continue to pray for us as we embark on this journey to serve others. Below you will find a list with pictures with their names. Please be praying for them by name.

Also… the family we are going to serve is the Escobar Morales Family. The father, Jaime Escobar is 31 and works at a tire shop. The mother is Yendi Morales and is 32. They have a son who is 13 named Edgar, a daughter who is 8 named Naomi, and another daughter about 4 months old named Lisa.


Eric and Jillian Cowherd

Carmen Courtney


Bob, Bonnie, Jake, and Molly Hummer

Pam Coffey

Sylvia Card

Donna Gilleland

Debbie Ricks

Leslie Trexler

Raven Yates

Will and Hannah Pannell

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